The New Year, Fitspiration and Keeping Your Resolutions: a foreword.

‘everything in moderation, including moderation.’ – Oscar Wilde

Fitness 2


exploring the dangers of seeing life though a filter

instagram 2

‘à la carte’ or ‘ à la mode’?

an investigation into superfoods and the dangers of ‘fashionising’ what we eat


Madness and Murder

a look at the aSTIGMAtism that blurs our vision of mental illness

madness and murder

Channeling our inner Charlie

why hashtagging is the people’s choice of weapon in the war against terror

social media


is our constant access to technology and social media deprecating our relationships ? 

Mobile Lovers appeared in April on a doorway by Broad Plain Working With Young People

At your disposal 

the secret talents of the disposable camera


The extinction of a photographic species

are smart-phones and digitalisation the new generation of photography?

photography 6




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