From bees to brown bears… all about my blog

I am an Italian student, prospective writer and illustrator, holistic life searcher, fashion enthusiast, gullible sucker for all advertising, lover of art and coffee, daily life ponderer, photography dabbler and a terrible decision maker with an overactive brain.


From day to day, I find myself analysing the different trends of modern cosmopolitan life… like do superfoods really exist, are iphones the answer to everything, is there an app for THAT?! I’ll go for a coffee, watch the people stream past the window, think of the goods and the bads of what comes by me. I find myself having discussions between the red and blue corners of my brain, contemplating what I see, in order to reach some kind of conclusion to store in my treasure box of opinions.

This Aladdin’s cave of thoughts and opinions on everyday life forms the basis for Bees and Brown Bears. I feel that such a toybox of conclusions might simply be useful to the equally indecisive, who may choose to consult my streams of consciousness to help them along the path of daily decision making, or simply considering different opinions on the trends of twenty-first century cosmopolitan living. 


This blog is for those like me, who may value the opinion of another confused individual to help them reach their own conclusions to important matters, or simply want a bit of daily thought-stimulation. I want to discuss the goods and bads of every day matters, those thought provoking trends of daily life that convene on your facebook news feed –   from all-purpose iphones to vegetarianism, from selfies to fitspiration, from Bees to Brown Bears, if you will.

I hope you will find something useful here, to help you think out of the box, to broaden your thoughts about something, or simply ease you through the decisions of everyday life.

Enjoy, with an open mind and a little lightheartedness.

Love, Beatrice (Bea, Bee, Brown Bear)

 pandora's box 1

This picture is inspiration to me – it makes me think of thoughts, ideas, and creativity being shared from one person’s individual box to the rest of the world. I hope my blog will go someway to achieving this.


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